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It all started in Minneapolis. Following the murder of George Floyd last summer, we witnessed a community movement against state-sanctioned violence — a movement to better protect Black lives.

We marched. We organized. We listened. And, most importantly, we learned that Minneapolis residents agree that our current police-only approach to public safety is broken. Yes 4 Minneapolis (Y4M) is a unifying campaign bringing together voters, faith leaders, labor unions, businesses, and more because we have an opportunity to create a system that works for all of us.

Now change is on the ballot.


Our movement demands our city leaders move away from violent policing to create a department that addresses community safety holistically and with a public health approach. Our movement believes that the community should decide what safety looks like. To do so, we must amend the city charter that was written in 1961 and forces us to build on a broken system.

We are proud to bring this issue to voters this November.


Join our growing movement to #ChangeTheCharter of the city to create a comprehensive Department of Public Safety in Minneapolis which will set our city up for success, foster community safety, and better protect the most vulnerable among us.

Let’s align our city’s safety infrastructure with our values.

What will changing the charter do?

The Department of Public Safety will change the current police-only model of public safety, to allow the City of Minneapolis a funded, accountable and comprehensive public health approach to public safety. This will allow us to be both proactive and responsive to the community, adding a range of strategies, right-sized responses, experts, professional personnel, and licensed peace officers (also known as, police officers), when necessary.

This measure would create a comprehensive public health approach to public safety, so that all of us, no matter what we look like or which neighborhood we live in, have an equal opportunity to live safely and securely. Minneapolis politicians and police have long failed to address the race-based harm and violence that continue to plague the Police Department, and the 1961 city charter has blocked any real structural reform. It’s time to remove the barriers to a new era in public safety where the police work alongside qualified professionals, like mental health responders and social workers, to make all our communities safer.


The current model of policing isn’t working. Police violence is evident while communities are also seeing overall violence on the rise, 9-1-1 response times differ based on your neighborhood, and we still have not addressed the root causes of crime and violence, like poverty, unstable housing, and inequitable access to good schools. It’s time to establish a model of public safety that is more humane, includes professionals who are trained in mental health issues and crisis de-escalation, and treats all members of the community equally, regardless of race or class.


Our Coalition

Yes 4 Minneapolis is a coalition of residents, neighbors, businesses, organizations, faith communities, and families across the city who are saying YES to creating a safe Minneapolis for all of us. Together, across race, age and ZIP code, we’re using the power of our local democracy to change the Minneapolis charter to create a Department of Public Safety. 

We are multi-racial, Black-led and creating the safe, just, and caring Minneapolis we need to thrive! This is with and for all of us – Black and white, young and old, North and South.

Our coalition organizational members include:

ACLU Minnesota
Black Visions Collective
Coalition of Asian American Leaders
Color of Change
Minneapolis Federation of Educators, Local 59
Minnesota Youth Collective
Reclaim the Block
Reviving the Islamic Sisterhood for Empowerment
The SEAD Project
Sex Worker Organizing Project
TakeAction Minnesota
SURJ Twin Cities
Release MN 8
St Paul Camps Support
Pollen Logo
Recall Mike Freeman
ISUROON Strong Women, Strong Communities
Little Earth
Education for Liberation Minnesota
Jewish community action
Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Campaign Against Racism
Women for Political Change
Twin Cities DSA Logo
UniteHere Minnesota’s Hospitality Union
SEIU Local 26
Faith In Minnesota
Filipinx for Immigrant Rights and Racial Justice Minnesota
Socialist Alternative
Cempazuchitl Collective FInal Draft 1 (1) - Cempazúchitl Collective
Our Justice
Out Front Minnesota

Our coalition is growing. Sign on to endorse the campaign here.


Yes 4 Minneapolis is a Black-led, multiracial campaign composed of grassroots, community organizations and individuals across ideology, race, and region who are excited to create a safe community in the city they live in, work in, play in and love… Minneapolis! They will do this by implementing a new Department of Public Safety, replacing the old, failed police-only model, to expand roles for proven professionals and strategies that keep people safe now in the immediate and lower incidents of harm over time.

The current charter mandates that 35% of the city budget and many of our resources go to police only. This is without accountability or transparency and only the mayor has oversight. We’ve seen how that’s turned out for us with the rise in violence and the murder of several Black people in the city, including George Floyd. 

When you sign, you are saying you want Minneapolis residents to be decision makers about the future of public safety.  That means, that police, along with many supports that we currently have in the city but are not utilizing or resourcing, will be used in a disciplined, informed way that allows the city to have right-sized responses to the issues that residents, neighbors and visitors face. 

Voting YES means we will have more options for community safety than the current “police-only” model. That model will be replaced so that police can perform the duties they are trained and disciplined to do for specific situations that the community, local leaders, experts and professionals decide together, while many other roles can be filled by those better suited for certain interventions and prevention of harm.

Yes 4 Minneapolis Logo Change the Charter

Yes 4 Minneapolis is a coalition campaign to replace the Minneapolis Police Department with a new department of public safety.

For in-language help in Hmong, Khmer, Lao, or Vietnamese please call SEAD at 612-987-7313.

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